Social Shift

The ultimate method to become a social enterprise


The Social Shift: From social media to social thinking


The highest form of communication is that from person to person. Only with sincere, authentic and personal communication is it possible to convey your vision, beliefs, motives, ideas and inspiration to others. And with that really make a difference in this world.

Employee Advocacy and Social shift

With employee advocacy you use the social media channels of your employees and ambassadors. Social media offer you unprecedented opportunities to share your vision, beliefs, motivations, ideas and inspiration with all social media networks. This requires genuine, authentic and as personal as possible content from another organization of your communication. The Social Shift helps you with this. Thanks to the involvement of your employees and a smart social media approach you finally reach the networks relevant to you.

What is the social shift?

The Social Shift method is an activation programm which you register your employees step by step into ambassadors that are clearly visible on social media. By sharing genuine, authentic and personal content about their work with their networks, they will make a fundamental contribution to your sales, marketing, communication, organization and recruitment goals. By promoting this with a strategic content plan, e-learning, training and Apostle Connect, you finally use the enormous communication potential of social media.

Nowadays, people talk to people and not to logos. The Social Shift places people first in communication between stakeholders. In doing so, it activates and motivates all employees within organizations to be visible online. Not only for themselves, but to each other and to people outside the organization. By being transparant and open as a company, you become way more appealing for potential employees and customers.


Management and the marketing / communication department mainly play a facilitating role in this: they provide a structure and a climate in which employees have the best opportunity to present, create and share content. For this, the Social Shift works with four roles:

Social Master

is the social media manager or marketeer and processes the messages in the Apostle platform. These are the steps in a handy Trelloboard

Social Editors

are the drivers of a certain content pillar. They encourage other ambassadors to send in content and share messages.

Social Creators

Ambassadors submit photos and videos that fit within a content pillar. By giving specific assignments this role takes little time but you are working together on an authentic content base of your organization.

Social Publishers

These ambassadors share the suggested messages on their personal channels within their networks. By classifying them per department or per content pillar, the Social Master ensures that the messages are relevant to the ambassadors.

This simple structure is crucial to get and keep the content stream going. If you do not make those agreements, then every trajectory – not one with the exception – will get bogged down in the old ad hoc social media management from time to time when someone happens to have time and energy.

Creating and sharing valuable experiences have a positive impact on people and your company. Involving colleagues also gives them more insight into marketing and communication. There will be more understanding and therefore support to work together with marketing.
After all, marketing and sales are often the front of an organization. We do it together!


You involve employees in communication, attracting prospects to your website and engaging customers with relevant and authentic content. Once they are in picture, you start a personal conversation with
them through conversation tools and advertising. Finally, you build trust and surprise them by continuing to act as an empathetic advisor.

We incorporate are own Social Shift theory in everything we do. With the Apostle Connect software, you are able to user the Social Shift within your own organisation. Brand ambassadors can send in interesting
content via their own app. This content is called user generated content.



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