Engage your workforce with

Authentic content from your company

Powerful employee advocacy platform for sales teams.

Reaching the right target audience.

Your own colleagues most likely have the right target audience within their own networks. Why not use them for your purpose?

Increase binding and relations.

By sharing success stories and great accomplishments, your colleagues receive appreciation for their work. As a result, they develop a certain pride to work for your company, whilst also improving their own personal brand.

Employee engagement.

Share information with your colleagues and let them participate in your marketing- and sales strategy. In this way, employees will engage even more.

It comes with powerful features

Content creation

Your ambassadors upload authentic photos and videos directly to your dashboard. Time for a quick review and ready to share in an instance.

Content curation

Craft, edit, preview and schedule your social media posts across all channels in one dashboard.

Gain insights

Gain insights on who’s becoming a real brand ambassador by tracking individual- and teamperformances.

Recruitment = Marketing = Sales

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