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relationships through employee advocacy

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How can you make sure your marketing- and salesteams collaborate in the most efficient way? How do you constantly generate qualitative leads?

These are some of the most frequent questions of sales- and marketingmanagers nowadays. Yet we have the solution.

Apostle Connect empowers your employees and even your clients into loyal brand ambassadors. Your brand ambassadors are your biggest fans. They share your biggest success stories or even help you create the stories. Our tool makes it very easy to collect these stories, distribute them across (segments of) your ambassadors and publish them imediatly accross all channels. This way your stories won't be forgotten and make real impact on your (potential) clients.

Include Apostle Connect in your marketing- and sales strategy, and tackle those challenges!

Reaching the right target audience.

Your own colleagues most likely have the right target audience within their own networks. Why not use them for your purpose?

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Increase binding and relations.

By sharing success stories and great accomplishments, your colleagues receive appreciation for their work. As a result, they develop a certain pride to work for your company, whilst also improving their own personal brand.

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Employee engagement.

Share information with your colleagues and let them participate in your marketing strategy. In this way, employees will engage even more.

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