The highest form of communication
is that from person to person.

A transition from corporate to sincere, authentic and especially personal communication. That’s what we call a ‘Social Shift’.

Companies will become more visible and trustworthy with a personal approach. And that will enable you to really make a difference in the rapidly changing online landscape. 


Brand awareness

The reach of employees’ social media posts is 561% higher than corporate social media posts.

Personal image is key

More than 75% of job seekers conduct research into a company’s overall reputation and employer brand before applying.


Engaged workforce

Companies with committed employees are 22% more profitable and customer retention rate is 18% higher for organizations with committed employees.

Brand ambassadors

Leads through brand ambassadors result in a deal 7 times more often.
92% of consumers say they trust social media messages from friends and family most.

New leads

91% of businesses customers are active on social media. On average, prospects get in touch after seeing 3 to 5 messages. 

Referral recruitment

91% of employers use social media for recruiting talent and 76% of job seekers find a job thanks to their personal networks. 

Social Shift

A proven theory

No scattergun approach but a natural and authentic way to connect with (potential) employees and customers: a mandatory turnaround for every organization that wants to take the next step in their communication strategy. 

Get control over social media

By organizing the use of social media and purposefully involving your employees, you unlock your organization full’s potential. And in doing so, transforming your employees into true brand ambassadors.  That means that they’ll not only share their work-related stories with friends and family, but more importantly with their huge networks on social media. 

Openess and authenticity

Openness and authenticity, that’s what it’s all about these days. Preferably every day. Prospects, customers and potential employees want to know which employees are behind your logo, what your motives are and how it really matters in the workplace. Only then are they willing to buy from you or come to work with you. That is exactly what you achieve with the Social Shift method.


Social media offer you unprecedented opportunities for your vision, belief, motivations, ideas and inspiration share with the rest of the world. That calls for sincere, authentic and so personal possible content and another organization of your communication. Apostle Connect helps you with that. Thanks to the involvement of your employees and a smart one social media approach you finally reach the front you relevant networks.

Engage with your audience on a personal level. Start the Shift.

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