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11 01, 2019

Door Gijsjs|Cases | Social recruitment | Social shift|

[CASE] Recruitment agency: ‘Our recruiters have become marketers’

'As a recruiter you are always looking for people. And so to the places where they can best be found. That's why we quickly said: we have to do something with social media. Our target group spends a lot of time every day on it and makes less and less use...

11 01, 2019

Door Gijsjs|Cases | Social media | Social shift|

[CASE] Publisher: ‘Sales and social media are made for each other’

'We are actually making a double Social Shift with De Persgroep. On the one hand we have deployed social media for ourselves more strategically, on the other hand we help our customers - so advertisers - with their Shift to social media. On both fronts we...

11 01, 2019

Door Gijsjs|Cases | Social sales & marketing | Social shift|

[CASE] IT-reseller: Social has become the starting point of our marketing

Selling products can be done by every IT reseller. But there is a lot more to it when it comes to offering customized solutions and high-quality IT solutions. With the help of the Social Shift, we now let the market know better and better that we are the...