Social Content Hub.

Apostle Connect enables cross-team collaboration on social media content. Create, submit & share authentic social media stories. 

Make authentic content your priority.

Share messages on multiple accounts

Publish on multiple social media pages. Suggest messages to employees, clients and others, enabling them to publish it in their social network.


By organizing your social media, an internal content stream is created. Employees share authentic stories via a user friendly app. This content is used for creating social media posts.


With a leaderboard and gamification, your employees are motivated to submit content to a central editorial team. By sharing stories with the editorial team, points can also be earned. 

Content strategy

Become successful with social media with a professional content strategy. From content plan to calendar, implementation and tracking progress. 

 Powerful features for marketers,
agencies and freelancers.

Our feature rich web app lets you receive and create social media messages
while you keep track on insights and monitor the progress of your content strategy.


Create and suggest social media messages for specific users and pages of your choice.


WYSIWYG composer

Create likeable social media content using our live preview composer.

Instagram and more

Create content for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Keep track of your team activity and progress on your strategy. 

Team management

Create groups, assign roles and invite new users as you grow. 

Easy to use for employees

Our user-friendly mobile app enables employees to share content and submit new stories. 

Mobile app

User friendly iOS and Android app to share and approve messages.


Get notified on new content suggestions and team activity. 

Submit stories

Submit text, photo and video to collaborate on content creation. 

Like & comment

Engage with content from colleagues and stay informed.


Share stories and work on your personal brand in a safe environment. 

The most user-friendly tool that enables a sharing culture within your organization

"Finally a social media tool that is both strategic and practical at the same time. No-brainer for every organization."

Michiel Muller, CEO @ Picnic

'Great new way of thinking that virtually every the company can implement tomorrow! "

Rick van Boekel founder @ Benelux

A fascinating balance between control, transparency and engagement with all stakeholders within your organization.

Niels van Druten, General Manager @ Cochlear

Apostle offers valuable knowledge and tools into the role that social media can play in communication.

Joost Verhoeven, Professor University of Amsterdam 



The only tool that helps your employees
and your company grow





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