Improve your brand image and awareness with authentic content from your colleagues

with Employee Advocacy

Employees as strong brand ambassadors


Employee advocacy is all about motivating, activating and facilitating employees to share corporate and authentic content on their own social media accounts.

After years of technical research and gaining practical experience in the Netherlands, it became clear that employee advocacy should be supported with a working method in order to fully succeed.

Apostle Connect offers various features based on our in-house developed methodology: The Social Shift. The platform can be used stand alone, however we advise to incorporate the practical Social Shift toolbox.

It comes with powerful features

Share content

Plan, collaborate and publish inspiring content through multiple corporate ánd personal accounts, all in one dashboard.

Stay in control

You decide which content will be presented for your ambassadors to share. Power up your campaign by measuring your social media performance and getting comprehended insights.

Leaderboard and gamification

Engage your ambassadors by granting them points on the leaderboard and adding challenges for some extra fun!

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