Case UMC hospital:’ Storytelling has become an essential part of recruitment’

Previously, UMC Utrecht mainly used the usual means to recruit new employees: advertisements, vacancies at the well-known job boards, a “Work at” website, LinkedIn … But don’t you want to share the special stories of your employees? And give potential candidates a look behind the scenes? We didn’t do that sufficiently. While we are such […] Read more

IT-reseller: Social has become the starting point of our marketing

Selling products can be done by every IT reseller. But there is a lot more to it when it comes to offering customized solutions and high-quality IT solutions. With the help of the Social Shift, we now let the market know better and better that we are the partner that can do this. In marketing terms: we are strongly positioning ourselves on the knowledge axis. And that starts with social media. Read more

Reintegration company: ‘On discovery to our Social Shift’

The route that we went through was for me at least as instructive as for them: thanks to our joint learning curve, IBN became a social leader in the market and I laid the practical basis for the Social Shift. Read more

Recruitment agency: ‘Our recruiters have become marketers’

As a recruiter you are always looking for people. And so to the places where they can best be found. That's why we quickly said: we have to do something with social media. Read more

Publisher: ‘Sales and social media are made for each other’

We are actually making a double Social Shift with De Persgroep. On the one hand we have deployed social media for ourselves more strategically, on the other hand we help our customers - so advertisers - with their Shift to social media. Read more

Social shift: From social media to social thinking

Many organizations are struggling with the rapidly changing media landscape. On the one hand, it’s harder and harder to reach their target groups, on the other hand, those target groups expect a lot from them, especially online. After all, (potential) customers and employees are no longer satisfied with a corporate message on social media every now and then. Read more