About us

We are Apostle


We connect people to organizations and help companies improve their (employer) brand through an authentic approach: the Social Shift. With this methodology your employees will not only become more visible to each other, but will also greatly increase visibility within their own online networks. Our methodology provides them with the rights tools to develop a strong online personal brand. It is part of an inbound strategy to achieve recruitment, sales and marketing objectives for basically every organization around.


Apostle offers an in-house developed social media platform for companies that are ready to make the Social Shift. The platform perfectly fits our Social Shift methodology and is available through a monthly license. Our consultants will gladly help your organization with the implementation of both our software and methodology.


Apostle was created in 2011 in response to a personal tweet by the founder. His life has been changed by that one tweet and he wanted to share that experience with others. Apostle was born.


  • In 2013 various investors stepped in to develop the platform and explore the market
  • In 2014 2nd place Sprout start-up of the year in the Netherlands
  • The Social Shift methodology was created in 2015
  • In 2015 there is a strategic partnership with the Persgroep
  • In 2016 the platform will also be available to companies through licenses
  • In 2017, Apostle has the first international customer with activities in Nordics, Portugal, Germany, France and Belgium
  • In 2018 the launch of the book Social shift | from social media to social thinking
  • 2019 book has achieved the 5th place in the top 100 Management Book