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Apostle enables you to spread social media content according to your strategy, vision, core values and ideas. 



Brand Ambassadors

The reach of your employees social media posts is 561% higher than your corporate social media posts.

Sales & Recruitment

Leads through brand ambassadors lead to an assignment 7 times more often. 76% of job seekers find a job via-via.


Generate trust

92% say they have the most trust in social media messages from friends and family.


“The highest form of communication is that from person to person”

Share messages on multiple accounts

Publish on multiple social media pages. Suggest messages to employee’s, clients and others, enabling them to publish it in their social network.

Drive More Traffic Together

By organizing the use of social media and by expressly involving your employees, you unlock your organization and make your employees your best ambassadors. In this way they share the stories about their work not only with family and friends at birthday parties, but also with the huge audience of their social media networks.

Get Real Stories

Social media offer you unprecedented opportunities for your vision, belief, motivations, ideas and inspiration share with the rest of the world. That calls for sincere, authentic and so personal possible content and another organization of your communication. Apostle Connect helps you with that. Thanks to the involvement of your employees and a smart social media approach, you finally reach the full potential of your relevant network.



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